Social 52…fun food and drinks

Wow! It feels like forever since we’ve had a chance to try a new restaurant.  After a picture session with our youngest daughter for her senior prom, my husband and I decided to have a date of our own and meet my brother and sister-in-law for dinner at Social 52.  None of us had ever been there, so it seemed like a fun food adventure for all of us.

The restaurant seems deceivingly small on the outside.  It actually has quite a bit of seating when you include the bar.  Speaking of the bar, Social 52 has a respectable selection of craft beers and some fun cocktails.  My husband tried a few different brews.  You can have samples first before you commit.  I stuck with the dark and dusky Moscow Mule: excellent choice.


The menu reveals the owner/chef’s sense of fun.  Our seafood dip with pita points appetizer was outstanding.  Both my husband and I opted for the Bleu Shroom burger.  Let it be noted that I chose the “healthful” veggie side.  I still could not finish the whole burger.  Delicious, but oh so filling.


My sister-in-law chose the potato crusted salmon with honey ginger glaze.Potato crusted salmon with truffle honey glazeAnd my brother chose the chicken carbonara.

Chicken CarbonaraDessert was out of the question.  If you don’t mind the noise level, it’s a great spot for fun food and friendly, knowledgable service.


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