Farouk’s House of India…continuing the South’s love affair with curry.

According to several food historians (see my food book reviews), the South has a long standing love affair with curry brought to us compliments of 16th and 17th century pirates and sailors.

Farouk’ previous owners hailed from Bangladesh, and served the Carytown community for 40 years before selling to new owners who continue to serve up delicious northern Indian cuisine.  One of my favorite things about being American is that I live in a melting pot of cultures.  Our country is made up of immigrants from every corner of the world who bring their food and share it with their new neighbors.

Happily, I have a lunch buddy: fellow foodie- friend who loves trying new restaurants as much as I do.  We decided to give Farouk’s a try.  I say to our host:  Chhinda Sandhu, thank you.  Well done.  I’ll be back.

This time we enjoyed the free papadum with complementary onion relish, Vegetable Korma, Aloo Baingan and Garlic Naan.  My Korma was medium spice which struck the right balance of heat without frying the tastebuds.  The Aloo Baingan was a lovely flavorful curry of eggplant and potatoes. Of course the naan was the perfect tool to mop up the delicious sauces of our dishes.


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