Ya Ya’s Cookbook…the best bite before or after a movie

Soon after I began this blog, I decided that I would only share the places I enjoyed.  Ratatouille’s dreaded food critic, Anton Ego I am not.   I am more of a food enthusiast.  It’s been a couple of months since I felt enthusiastic about one of the Richmond eateries we’ve explored, but Ya Ya’s Cookbook is definitely worthy of enthusiasm.

My mom and I decided to catch the last matinee at the Short Pump Regal movie theater, but we got the time wrong and came about an hour early.  We didn’t want to indulge in the usual movie fare of popcorn, soda and candy.  Two Guys Pizza is good, but we weren’t feeling that.  Johnny Rocket’s burgers, shakes and fries, while delicious, too heavy for late afternoon.  But then, cue the angel choir, we noticed a new place beside the movie theater!  The outdoor chalkboards lured us in.

The atmosphere, like the menu, is eclectic Asian.  After living in China and traveling in Thailand and Vietnam, I have an appreciation for Asian street food and Ya Ya’s offers variety without overwhelming with too many choices. The glass top tables, artwork, bicycle tables, industrial decor give a nod to several Asian cultures in a whimsical way.

The avocado rolls and fried spring rolls were the perfect before the show snack.

avocado rolls, fried spring rollsNext time, I’m saving my ticket stub for half priced apps. after the show!


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