Virginia Historic Gardens Tour 2017

Although I have live in Virginia for almost three years now, this is the first year that I  found out about the Virginia Historic Gardens Tour.  An avid gardener myself, I had to go to at least one of several tours offered in and around Richmond.  I chose the Windsor Farms tour: a glorious neighborhood planned in the 1920’s to resemble an English village.  One of the homes that was moved to the neighborhood dates back to 1745.  The gardens were beautifully manicured.  Some were quite old, originally designed and landscaped by Gillette.  The tour also included a tour inside the homes, which were as stunning as their gardens. The last stop on the tour was Jefferson’s boyhood summer haunt, Tuckahoe Plantation.

The ticket was expensive $45 at various vendors prior to the event, or $50 at the tour site.  However, since the proceeds go to restore and maintain historic public gardens and state parks, I felt it was worth it. If the cause wasn’t worthy enough, the inspiration certainly was.

My photos don’t begin to capture the beauty of the tour, but they will at least give a glimpse.  STYLE MAGAZINE did a wonderful feature on the tour…that’s how I found out about it.  Check out their article.

A $15 luncheon was offered at the Tuckahoe women’s club, but I was too determined to visit every garden, so I did not bother to take a lunch break.  Free water bottles and comfort stations were also offered along the tour route.

I plan to take a different Richmond tour every year, before I venture out to Virginia’s many other historic gardens.  The tour is certainly well attended-I met visitors from Kentucky, North Carolina, and Maryland as well as from all over Virginia.  Large tour buses jostled between patrons and parked cars throughout the neighborhood.


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