Lured to Kitchen on Cary

Kitchen on Cary’s appetizers at this year’s Gator Gourmet lured us to their restaurant last night.  Chef Michael MacNight knows how to wow with farm to table offerings.  Located in historic Shockoe Slip, this sleek eatery offers more than great food and atmosphere…the live guitar music made for an extra special date night.

We started our meal with with a Golden Beet Salad and some Truffle Fries.  The golden beets are a bit sweeter and milder than the common red variety.  Served on a bed of baby mixed greens, sprinkled with goat cheese then topped with a bright vinaigrette the beets were a triumph.  We tried to save some of the Truffle Fries to eat with the meal, but they were just too delicious.

The menu said meatloaf, but when our server delivered it to the table…well, let me tell you, it wasn’t Mom’s meatloaf!  This meatloaf was more like a chopped steak, wrapped in bacon and topped with a gluten free onion ring served over broccolini and a cloud of mashed potatoes and gravy.  Oh my, sooo good.


I opted for the Lamb Chops.  Grilled to medium perfection, the generous serving of 3 chops with pomegranate seed sauce over broccolini and mashed potatoes satisfied my longing for lamb.Lamb Chop thriceThe dessert menu tempted, but Lent isn’t over yet, so I finished the meal with a lovely cup of tea.  I coming back for the Rum Chocolata!


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